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Roger Albert Clark Rally 2014


Price: £12.00

Not The Offical RAC DVD

Waylander Rally Clips

Does supply Video Footage to

Roger Albert Clark who Make The Offical RAC 2014 DVD.

Roger Albert Clark Rally 2014

Waylander Rally Clips RAC 14 DVD

Just Pure Sounds - No commentary on DVD

A % of each DVD sale goes to Roger Albert Clark Rally

Matthew Robinson, Matt Edwards, Seamus O'Connell, Paul Griffiths,

Darren Moon, Alan Walker, Bernard Munster, Greg De Mevius,

Pascal Reigner, Nick Elliott, Steve Perez & many more

Mark 1 & 2's Escort's, Porsche's, Stratos etc

Just Like the Old Days

Stages - Pennington, Croft, Whitehill, Harwood

& Redesdale

Clubmans Rally also Featured on This DVD

1 Hour 45 Mins Run Time

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